About Us

Elsevier Foundation

Over the past decade, the Elsevier Foundation has awarded over a 100 grants worth millions of dollars to non-profit organizations focusing on the world’s libraries, nurse faculties and women scholars during their early and mid-careers. Funded by Elsevier, a leading scientific, technical and medical information solutions provider, the Elsevier Foundation contributes over $1 million USD a year to non-profit organizations.  In 2016, the Elsevier Foundation launched a series of new partnerships to support innovations in health information, research in developing countries, diversity in science and technology for development.

Our Grant Programs:  2006 – 2015
Our New Scholars and Innovative Libraries in Developing Countries grant programs focused on Elsevier’s unique areas of expertise as a leading scientific, technical and medical solutions provider.  These included programs that advanced women in science and our next generation of US nursing leaders, building research capacity in developing countries, supporting librarians worldwide and promoting a culture of evidence based health and policies. Through gift-matching, the Foundation has also supported the efforts of Elsevier employees to play a positive role in their local and global communities.

Our New Partnerships: 2016 – 2019

In 2015, after a decade of programming, we held an intensive feedback review with our Board, partners and longstanding advisors.  With the launch of the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals, we decided to more fully align our programs to the key science, health and technology challenges highlighted there. We moved from an annual RFP or call for proposals to co-develop impactful program ideas directly with key partners.  Our new partnership programs include:

How we work:

The Elsevier Foundation is governed by its Board which is comprised of 3-5 external and 3-5 ex officio or internal members representing Elsevier, the company.  Members serve 3 year renewable terms. We are currently in the process of finalizing our new Elsevier Foundation Board for 2017. Our Board members generally hold a broad range of expertise and interest in corporate philanthropy across issues such as development, climate change, diversity and inclusion, education, research capacity building and global health. The Elsevier Foundation Board meets annually to provide a strategic guidance of the Foundation’s programming and governance.  Read more about the Board of Directors.

On a day to day basis,  the Elsevier Foundation is run by a small core team consisting of the program director, program officer, an appointed treasurer and legal counsel. In addition to supporting our annual programmatic funding, Elsevier offers in kind support through office space, design and media outreach as well as additional volunteer support as needed from throughout the company. Read more about the Team.

Questions? Contact Domiziana Francescon, Elsevier Foundation Program Officer